Manufacturing Methods

With composite materials, the manufacturing method has a large impact on the fiber volume fraction which affects the quality of the laminate. Hence, the type of manufacturing method used affects the strength, stiffness and weight of a composite structure.

Some manufacturing methods are most suited to high volume production whilst other methods are suited to one off production. Therefore the choice of manufacturing method also has a big impact on the cost of moulds and components. When producing large quantities of a product, a more expensive manufacturing method can be justified.

Since the choice of manufacturing method has an impact on the cost, weight and quality of a product, the appropriate manufacturing method has to be chosen to meet a customer’s requirement. For example, the quality of the laminate on an America’s Cup boat has to be much higher than the quality of the laminate on a cruising boat. In this case, a higher technology manufacturing method will be chosen for racing boat which will have its cost implications.

We are committed to pursue profitable development and production of advanced lightweight composite products in a sustainable manufacturing system.

Our core competencies:

  • Technology integration to produce high-quality, low-cost, sustainable manufacturing solutions
  • Translation to implementation in products within high-value markets
  • Custom manufacturing support for volume expansion, including automation solutions