Optimization and Analysis


An optimized solution is a solution in which certain parameters (design variables) are determined that achieve the best measurable performance (objective function) under given constraints.

One of the main advantages of using composite material is the ability to tailor the laminate to achieve the required mechanical properties by varying the fiber orientation and the position of the ply in the laminate stack. Hence a laminate can be designed to suit the structural requirements. The fibers in the laminate can be aligned in the direction of the main load path so that the fibers are being used efficiently. In this way a more optimized structure can be designed. This sort of laminate tailoring can have a significant effect on the cost and weight of the final structure.


Analysis using advanced simulation software help us to achieve a solution that is optimized in terms of design variables like stress, stiffness, weight, cost and toughness.

In analysis we determine process, number of layers, ply/laminate stack sequence and estimated cost. These parameters help us in providing a fair idea of end product to our customer prior to manufacturing. Customer has a free end to alter any of these parameters even at this stage of process.