About Us

Our Team

Future Composite consists of mechanical and process engineers, naval architects and composite technicians with long term experience from various industries. Our team have extraordinary competence in different areas and are key in developing and delivering the most ‘value adding’ offer in the composite industry.

Our team focuses on design and engineering details for composite projects. We have expertise with everything from conceptual design to 3D solid modeling, finite element analysis and mechanical testing of composite structures. In addition to engineering, we are well versed in composite manufacturing so that our designs are efficient to implement on the factory floor. Our combined experience is unrivalled in the industry.

Future Composite process engineers, specialists and technicians bring composite designs to life. We design and analyze manufacturing processes for specific parts, provide training to factory personnel around the world, and research the latest advancements in the industry.

Our Focus

Customer Satisfaction

Future Composite prime focus is to capture customer loyalty and satisfaction. We put our complete effort to design and fabricate quality products. Innovation is a smart way of grasping people’s attention. Our target is to attain our customer’s believe in our products and services.


We bring optimization by performing analysis on different FE software. This helps us in achieving maximum strength/weight ratio. Manufacturing process selection also plays a vital role in controlling cost and material wastage. Optimization is a key to quality products.

Testing and Prototyping

A series of tests are performed on different prototypes prior to full scale manufacturing of any product. This helps us in determining suitable material and process for the fabrication process. A quality product can only be delivered to an end user if the manufacturer is confident regarding the properties of his creation.

Our Values


We put excellence above all else. We strive to deliver excellent products and be excellent partners in business. We do what we say and treat our customers with honesty and transparency.


We put the customer first. We share the same passion as our end users and stay connected with them and engaged in the community.


We are constantly developing and refining our products. We use our education and expertise to create systems that are the optimized, strongest, and most durable in the industry.


Our engineering process leads to functional simplicity. Our clean, minimal designs put performance first.


We love what we do. Our core focus is and always will be creating a better user experience.